I am gonna pick up the pieces & build a LEGO HOUSE if things go wrong we can knock it       down.

Well this is the best part about LEGOs. It provides unlimited ways of exploring child’s imagination. With a huge variety of plastic bricks available in myriad of colours, it can be assembled to create almost anything that one can imagine. From cars, planes, castles, buildings, superheroes, police to anything possibly one can imagine.

Since the time my little one has explored the world of LEGOs… all he wants is to create bigger and better. The more challenging it gets the better he enjoys.

Legos not only allow kids to bring their imaginations into play but also has many educational benefits. Kids learn to work with instructions in a constructive manner. Assembling the pieces through stacking and interlocking helps improve their critical thinking, attention to detail, organisation skills and motor skills enhancing their creativity.

Legos worldwide acceptance and favouritism is due to its high product quality. The way every Lego piece (brick, gear, figures) is designed speaks of nothing but perfection. The smooth finish and the final look of the product makes it worth all the hard work that goes in putting the pieces together. Hence it’s appropriate to say that #LegoBuildAmazing build creative kids with Lego bricks.

Few days back a “LEGO City Police Tow Truck Trouble” arrived in mail and brightened up my son’s day. I couldn’t thank enough to the team of Mom Bloggers Club India who gave me this opportunity to review this product for them.

Here are the product details… The Multicoloured Tow Truck Trouble set by LEGO City features the following :-

* A Tow truck with movable Tow arm with hook, a safe, police off-road bike and a police Pursuit bike
* Accessory elements include three money bills, a walkie-talkie, wrench, crowbar, welder’s torch, handcuffs, Lollypop stop sign and a jewel
* Includes three minifigures: two police officers and a crook

It’s another exciting day at work for LEGO City police while they take on their bikes and speed after a tow truck to track down the crooks and recover the safe. The journey of daring police officers while they chase the robber to arrest and put behind bars can be lived through this LEGO City construction play.

In fact the vehicles like tow truck and bikes are favourites among children especially boys. This goes as an advantage with this product as it contains some of the kids favourite vehicles and figures too.

The product comes with two different packs of LEGO City pieces, an instruction manual and a card of stickers.

The City Tow truck is very well designed and has a stylish look. The Tow arm stretches out and is resizable. Along with hook there is an extra chain stud attached to the tow arm.


The Safe has been given a very neat look with an steering wheel kind of knob on the door. Inside of the Safe is a real looking vault that’s loaded with money.



The police motorbikes looks like the latest version of speedy bikes. Styled perfectly with an attached walkie talkie for the cops to track down the robbers.


There are three figures, out of which two are cops in different color themes holding handcuffs and a blow torch and the third one is the robber.


I personally loved the theme of this product. Kids love to play real life games and being a police is like every child’s dream. My child is a big fan of such role plays where his imagination and dreams come to become reality through games. My child has always been very fond of police and after seeing this LEGO City set, he was totally thrilled and couldn’t wait to explore the fun and the excitement.

Priced at 1749/- this Police Tow Truck Trouble is a good buy for a 5 -7 yr old but isn’t the best choice for children aged 7 -12 yrs as mentioned on the box.

I felt the level was a bit too easy for even a seven year old. However my view of the difficulty level is based on the skill sets of my son. Since he has successfully assembled the much difficult and bigger Lego city sets prior to this one, I felt this was a bit too easy for him and it took him hardly an hour assembling all the parts.

I recommend this for kids who have just started out with Lego making and wants to explore a little bigger and better product with an interesting theme.

The above Lego City set “Police Tow Truck Trouble” can be bought online from Amazon India.

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