Selection of school for a child’s education is another challenge that every parent has to go through.. starting from play group to a higher level, Finding a school of your choice is an ordeal.

If we look at last ten yrs.. There is no doubt about the fact that number of schools have increased in the city and more so there are separate schools for toddlers to initiate the pre primary education, but it still doesn’t fulfil the need of education for all the kids out there..

The times have come when you have to register for admissions as soon as the kid turns 2 or three yrs else you are late for admissions.. And you are refused a seat. That’s the kind of competition we parents are dealing with today.
Forget getting admissions in colleges and schools for higher studies… I am talking of the kids who are yet to enter the world of education… The toddlers and above..

Competition has become a part of everyday life, not that we aren’t accustomed to it … But it get on to our nerves when something as basic and important as education sounds like a burden because of the monopoly of schools and its privatisation.

My concern is why getting an admission in most of the city schools is like fighting a loosing battle? Education being the prime right of every child.

More so, after every schools coming up with the International tag has made it worst for the parents to
take a call and decide the child’s education.

Is the International tag all about paying big bucks and sending your kid to an ultra model building with all the luxuries available? 

Are we talking of education here or sending our kids to enjoy the luxuries of life which he might not experience at home?
Apart from the international tag, the new introduced boards have added to the confusion…. Be it IGCSE or IB
Didn’t we already have enough boards to decide from? 
if people feel existing boards are not superior enough then why not scrap and introduce one board
that’s best for all.

Well there is another angel I have heard and read about international schools. School authorities justify by saying those kids who study from international schools adapt to the western culture well
and get admissions in universities abroad.

My counter question is .. Were Indian students not going abroad in past or were they not getting
admissions in their universities before. I have always heard Indian education system is so well
designed that Indian kids are always demanded by companies abroad… If I may truly admit …all my school friend today are settled abroad in various countries and doing great. They studied Indian boards CBSE/ ICSE  that’s always been there.

For a moment if I give up on my argument and agree that international boards are the best, why such 
high fee? Are you charging parents for the education and knowledge you are imparting or is it the 
for the interior designing and the amenities at school?

Who needs a lounge in school for kids to sit and read? Are we not creating differences in kids mind by providing them a five star treatment? Are we teaching them the value for money or is it all about show world?
Are we parents not doing good enough to live a decent life, with our Indian education system?

Schools and education has become a business and a money making racket. Today schools define its value by counting on the facilities they are providing… Like swimming pools, zymnazium, horse riding and what not.

Studies have taken a backstage and the focus is merely on how much can they sell the other stuff to charge more.
All schools have toppers and mediocres, it can never be guaranteed by the school and its authorities to produce all top grades.
One must not forget the child blossoms even in the most ordinary schools … What matters is the right guidance and support of a great teacher, who inspires you to think.
Another question is the schools who are boosting of their international curriculum.. Are their teachers trained abroad in their respective boards?
No, these are the same teachers who have studied CBSEand ICSE .. Who are being trained and are
asked to adapt and stick to their new curriculum.
Some argue saying that international board is easy for kids who aren’t able to cope with the above
two boards.. i.e, CBSE/ICSE
So are you paying that hefty amount for a kid whose supposedly weaker than the rest… Or is it the new International curriculum that’s weaker?

I would like to ask everyone, are these kids from different schools and board going to face different
set of questions according to their respective boards, when it comes to competitions after 12th std?

If the answer is no… Then why do we have all this confusion, when eventually we are all preparing

our kids for the same platform.
Indian education authorities have not even accepted the international curriculum as a part of their Education system and has no subsequent plans ahead for these kids in our country. It’s recognition is only acknowledged in universities abroad, which can lead in hampering the child’s dreams if for some reason he/she fails to get admissions abroad and will b compelled to study in an institution with others from Indian boards.
Many schools are not even recognised by the  respective boards and lack the credentials and norms to

call it an international school, however adding international tag is paying them immensely. The schools are same, Teachers are same but just one word international is heavy enough to pull in the money from people’s pockets.

I am a parent, I have dreams for my child too… I want best education for him to do well in life … But I refuse to be a victim of this marketing strategy or a gimmick many schools have started.

I strongly believe in a conducive learning environment any child can excel, all we need are basic
requisites for learning and a guiding force for them to show the right path, luxuries at this stage will

not only block their vision but also divert their attention towards comfort and a relaxed attitude.

Don’t promise our kids a foreign trip and lure them to unnecessary adventures.. Let the parent decide for a family holiday rather.

Focus on making the education system better and and the way of imparting knowledge a superior, rather then selling education in the name of international and other luxuries.
Standardise education in all schools, focus on improvising easy and creative ways of teaching to ensure Indian kids shine bright nationally as well as internationally.
Introduce yoga and instill our value system in our future generations to enrich our culture. Enforce
positive attitude  and focus on  personality development while they are young. The soft skills are a complete miss from our Eductaion system… That can be worked on to ensure we produce the best of students all around the world.
We don’t need international to sell education, we need a complete package that works on all the attributes of child’s education and grow into an independent, knowledgeable and confident individual.

That should be the motive of education and since its every child’s right to seek education … It should have a well planned and calculated fee structure, which is economical for the parents to bear  instead of  burdening them. No one should be allowed to go overboard in  order to sell his institute and create disparity in the name of education among kids as well as parents.


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