Kids grow faster than we even realize… From the time they are born… Soon they are ready to run on their toes… And before we even know it they have a choice of their own.
With so much to offer kids in today’s world, it’s not easy for parents to choose the best in spite of huge spending’s.
Those days were different when we grew up playing with sand, stones and leaves from the trees. We were happy collecting feathers and pebbles that gave immense pleasure to our inner core as a child.
Today’s kids stay indoors and spend all the time either playing with toys or watching TV. With the limitation of staying indoors the choice of toys has increased and there is so much to choose from that often parents get confused and end up picking the wrong toys without giving it a much thought.
Kids have short attention span and end up losing interest in even the most expensive toy you might have bought few hours ago. They want something new every minute and the key is to keep them interested by inventing new ways of playing or by giving them a toy that tests their skills. It keeps them busy for longer as kids don’t give up easily…
Here are some of my sons favorites that I feel every kid of his age would love to have in their collection… Plus there are various learning benefits that comes along with developing skill sets while they are at play…
 1. Building blocks/ Lego/ Construction toys – I am sure this one is the top most pick for any kid between the age of 4 – 6. Every kid wants to own it no matter what size or price. Lego has a huge market and comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s heavy on pockets but surely helps building up creativity, shape matching, memorizing and sequencing. It has huge learning benefits and is a great fun activity.
Checkout some of my sons favorites :
2. Action figures: My son has this fascination for superheroes and I am sure there is nothing strange about it. All boys do. He likes to collect his favorite characters and has a collection of avengers team and many more from Chota Bheem to ninja turtles. It’s natural for kids to feel stronger than they are and these superheroes help them grow their imagination and bring alive the characters they have seen and heard in stories.
3. Role play toys/games : These makes for the best choice for kids when it comes to teaching them about the real world and make them familiar with the stuff we do in our day today life. They love to explore real life games as it brings confidence when they feel they can do it all that elders do. It’s a great learning for kids this age when they are not toddlers anymore. Fire station, police set and shopping center are some of my son’s favorites.
As kids grow they need more than just toys to entertain themselves. There is so much physical strength and energy they have that needs to be utilized constructively to help them stay fit and healthy… 
4. Cycling/ skating/ swimming/ any sport : : Its equally important for kids this age to indulge in one or more of these physical activities that builds stamina, helps them grow tall and keep them on the move. It’s equally important to go for the right size while choosing a bike as per kid’s age and height. It’s natural for kids aged 5 and above to be able to pursue their favorite sport along with cycling and skating.
5. Hobby/Art/ Skill : It’s imperative for a kid of this age to pursue a hobby that can help them rejuvenate after a tiring day. Initial five years are good enough for a child and parent to understand a child’s interest. It’s a must for every child to have a hobby that he or she loves doing … Be it singing, playing music, dancing, cooking or anything else.

This must be encouraged and invested in. I realised my sons interest in music when he was barely 3 and got him a small Casio to keep his interest and today he loves playing his profession piano I bought last year and it paid off.
We always have a choice as we walk in to the toy store to pick what we like. We must try and invest in things that help our kids develop the skills needed for them to grow and boost their confidence too.
When time is a constraint, online shopping gives a huge choice for kid’s products including the latest toys/ sports stuff for every age and need.
Not just that it saves us from spending more and gets us the best deals with various offers available from time to time. is one of my favorite online stores especially when it comes to picking my kids favorites’. I prefer buying toys online from the comforts of my home and gets to choose along with my son from a huge range of toys available from various brands.

                          ” Let’s pick The Best for them to learn, grow and explore “


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